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“The digital world is not only a man’s world…” – Rejoice Aikohi, Project Officer, The Abocoders

Rejoice Aikohi, one of the trainers at Abocoders highlights how the Miss.Africa Seed Funding has been of great help in enhancing her digital skills through training. Q1: How did the Miss Africa Seed Fund enhance AboCoders’ initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM? Rejoice: The Miss Africa Seed Funding made provision for the AboCoders team to attend trainings that…

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“Computer programming skills is a set of knowledge that can be learnt by anyone…”- Fateh Nguemo, Mentor, Abocoders

 Miss.Africa Voices spoke to Fateh Nguemo about her experience during the Miss.Africa sponsored training at Abocoders Q1: How did the Miss Africa Seed Fund enhance Abocoders’ initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM? Fateh: The Miss Africa Seed Fund made provision for the purchase of better equipment to create a better learning environment for the girls in STEM being…

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” I saw the great potential ladies have once given an opportunity “- Lydia

 Ms. Lydia Gathoni  recounts how the Miss.Africa presented a game changing opportunity for her through the Mobile App training (a.) General experience with Miss.Africa sponsored, eMobilis training basing a bias on women in tech in Kenya & how your digital skills were enhanced. I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to learn Android Mobile Programming among 24 other ladies…

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“Women are way better coders and organizers”- Evalyne

Ms. Evalyne Ndanu narrates how she made a great discovery in her career life during the Miss.Africa Mobile App Training at eMobilis. It was during my third year long holiday in school where I was studying Telecommunication and Information Technology. I did more of Telecommunication in my course, so when I got my first attachment, I realized that field work…

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