Rejoice Aikohi, one of the trainers at Abocoders highlights how the Miss.Africa Seed Funding has been of great help in enhancing her digital skills through training.

Rejoice Aikohi, Project Officer, The Abocoders

Q1: How did the Miss Africa Seed Fund enhance AboCoders’ initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM?

Rejoice: The Miss Africa Seed Funding made provision for the AboCoders team to attend trainings that improved their programming skills. The seed Fund as well enabled the girls being trained at AboCoders to attend workshops and events that enhanced what they had learnt and gave them exposure to the technical world.

Q2: Give us a successful instance at AboCoders when the women in STEM flag was flown high.

Rejoice: One of the AboCoders trainers was able to participate in a web-development project that won first place at a programming boot camp in Abuja.


Q3: How have your digital skills been enhanced.

Rejoice: With the Miss Africa Sponsored AboCoders training, I have learnt to train young girls on STEM which in turn sharpens my skills in the industry.

The training proved to me that the digital world is not only a man’s world and that women can work together to achieve great things.

Q4: Give us a professional instance during the training that remains a landmark in your career/profession.

Rejoice:  A remarkable experience for me is the AboCoders staff training that was held in the Abocoders centre in Minna recently where I joined other facilitators in training trainers.

Q5: Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa/Globally.

Rejoice: With many different organizations that have a focus on enlightening women and training young women in STEM, in a few years, women will be more knowledgeable in the digital sphere and begin to lead different technical companies.

Q6: A message to other girls who would want to venture into ICT careers.

Rejoice: To change your life, you have to change something you do every day. If you take out time to learn and practice things in ICT every day, you will become an expert and in the same way, you can achieve all you want to achieve in any and every field. Do not give up.



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