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Women Coders: ”It only takes a ‘Hello World’ to realize how much potential you have”- Margaret

Ms. Margaret Onyango narrates how the Miss.Africa Seed Fund sponsorship honed her expertise in dealing with technology and built her personality. ‘What a man can do, a woman can do it better’. This has come to be a reality in my life after finishing my degree in Computer Science at St. Paul’s University in 2016 and secured scholarship to pursue MIT with eMobilis,…

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“The Miss.Africa Sponsored, AboCoders training has boosted my interest in computers .”- ONWUDIWE God’sfavour

  Q1: Give us a general experience with Miss Africa sponsored AboCoders training and how your digital skills were enhanced ONWUDIWE: Before I became a beneficiary and started training here at AboCoders, my previous knowledge of the computer was very little (basically primary school knowledge) and I didn’t know how to handle a computer or what to do with it.…

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“Computer programming skills is a set of knowledge that can be learnt by anyone…”- Fateh Nguemo, Mentor, Abocoders

 Miss.Africa Voices spoke to Fateh Nguemo about her experience during the Miss.Africa sponsored training at Abocoders Q1: How did the Miss Africa Seed Fund enhance Abocoders’ initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM? Fateh: The Miss Africa Seed Fund made provision for the purchase of better equipment to create a better learning environment for the girls in STEM being…

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