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“The digital world is not only a man’s world…” – Rejoice Aikohi, Project Officer, The Abocoders

Rejoice Aikohi, one of the trainers at Abocoders highlights how the Miss.Africa Seed Funding has been of great help in enhancing her digital skills through training. Q1: How did the Miss Africa Seed Fund enhance AboCoders’ initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM? Rejoice: The Miss Africa Seed Funding made provision for the AboCoders team to attend trainings that…

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“Women must encourage themselves to seek digital knowledge and use it to solve societal problems”- Amina

Question 1: Give a general experience with Miss.Africa sponsored AboCoders training and how your digital skills were enhanced Amina: I have learnt how to code in HTML, CSS and JS and my typing has improved tremendously. Before, I didn’t have any form of information about computers but am greatly I can now easily embrace the digital novelty with the acquired skills…

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#BeBoldForChange Miss.Africa celebrates the ITU ICT Girls Day

Message From the Founder of Miss.Africa Every young girl & woman ought to have the tools to take control of her life. Today, it’s almost uniquely ICT skills that offer growing employment, innovation, and opportunity with the large digital gender divide. However, getting more girls to join the ICT field seem a no-brainer to plug that gap. The problem isn’t…

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