Hey, Yes You CanšŸ˜€

Yes, We Can!! Letā€™s talk about Feminism, who is aĀ Feminist? FeministsĀ haveĀ been attached with so many negative stereotypes including: Feminists hate men. Feminists are angry. Feminists are unattractive and not feminine. All feminists are lesbians. Feminists are all pro-choice. If you are a feminist, you cannot be religious. All feminists are career women and do not support stay-at-home moms. Feminists can…

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Hey, You Have Come a Long Way

Who runs the world?Ā  Girls! Yaas Queens, We run the world! We make ends meet,Ā  handle an insane amount of stress and still, we are persistently strong. Here at Fempower, we would love to appreciate all the strong women out there who stand up for themselves and face the world. In the month of August, we celebratedĀ Women’s Equality Day onĀ the…

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Hey Miss Independent šŸ˜‰

Yes Sis, Depend on none other than you. The words ā€˜independent womanā€™ is a very positive and empowering term. Being independent means having the confidence to make your own decisions and choices. It also means having the courage and strength to voice out your thoughts and opinions and having the finances to buy whatever you want (without needing your man/family…

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Do you know how important you are

,Yes!! You are Important! Everyone can use a little encouragement now and then. Sadly, both inner struggles and external setbacks are an unavoidable part of being human. Negativity, self-doubts, and fear are hindrances to oneā€™s journey to personal success, you need to create more happiness and look at your life in a more positive way. You should always be proud…

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Cheers to all the Mothersā˜ŗļø

This month ofĀ Ā May is for Mothers.Ā On the 9th just yesterday, we celebrated International Mothers Day.Ā Ā The world came togetherĀ and celebrated the supreme sacrifices made by mothers,Ā and the impact of mothers on society. Mothers have always been known as multitasking heroines. They run the affairs of the home to ensure everyone is taken care of and they have seemed to effortlessly juggle…

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All Hail The Queens!!

Heeeey, What’s up ladies. Women’s History MonthĀ has come to an end, but celebrating the remarkable women making strides for gender parity and equal rights on both the local and global stage shouldn’t. Every year during March, we come together to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Here at FemPower we have done so on behalf of…

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Off To A Great Start… Black and Proud

Heeeey, Guess what is back?Ā (Drumrolls…….)Ā The FemPower Newsletter. As usual, we come bearing amazing reads for you. As you know, every February, we join the United States in celebrating a special holiday. And no,Ā Ā I’m not talking aboutĀ Valentine’s Day. I’m referring to the 28 (or 29) days dedicated to honoring Black History Month to show respect and recognition for the hard work…

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Not today, Imposter Syndrome!

What’sĀ up Techie Squad? As we step into the final months of 2020, it’s proven to be a special month and a special time to be aĀ womanĀ inĀ Africa. Lets be honest, women have been winning a lotĀ lately! However, not everyoneĀ has been riding on this high wave. There is a lotĀ more untapped potential, uncharted waters and unfulfilled dreams becauseĀ of the elephant in the…

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