Bukola Gbadamosi speaks of her experience of teaching  how to code using Python, JavaScript, CSS & HTML Python at AboCoders

Q1: How did the Miss Africa Seed Fund enhance AboCoders’ initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM?

Bukola: The Miss.Africa Seed Fund has enhanced AboCoders initiatives and activities of supporting girls in STEM by financially enabling us to introduce, asides core programming, basic engineering practical to the girls, they learnt how to build a simple generator, they built a solar panel that could pump water and they built a standing fan.

My digital skills have been enhanced in numerous ways courtesy of AboCoders. I have been taught how to code using Python, JavaScript, CSS & HTML Python. I can build websites and web apps using the above listed languages.

Q2: Give us a successful instance at AboCoders when the women in STEM flag was flown high.

Bukola: The flag of women in STEM flies high every day at AboCoders, and most especially during our BoltsandPopCorn day which comes up every second Friday of the month, where the girls are introduced to hands on engineering practical.

I’ve been made to realise that men should not be the only ones in technology, women can do equally well and perhaps better, and we are striving to have more of women in technology, which is what we do at AboCoders; train young women.

Q3: Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa/Globally.

Bukola: We still have a long way to go, case in point is the attendance at the conference I attended recently (PyCon2017), the population of women was about 10%, but I believe we will get there with more of initiatives like AboCoders.

Q4: A message to other girls who would want to venture into ICT careers.

Bukola: My message to other girls is that they should not be scared, if they can dream it, they can have it, careers in technology is one of the best paying jobs in the world today, all they need is just to be open to learning

Q5: Give us a professional instance during the training that remains a landmark in your career/profession.

Bukola: What I do every day at AboCoders stands as a landmark in my career, from when I went for my training, to the Python Conference I attended recently, these have opened my eyes to see more that can and needs to be done. I can raise my shoulders high in my career courtesy AboCoders.

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