ABUBAKAR Zuwaira Age 20

Question 1- Give a general experience with Miss.Africa sponsored AboCoders training and how your digital skills were enhanced

Zuwaira: Well, Formally I wasn’t a computer literate person but since I started attending the AboCoders training, I have learnt a lot. Now I know about computers, its uses and its benefits. I can code now! Thanks to AboCoders.

Question 2- How did the Miss.Africa sponsored AboCoders training enhance your perceptions of the involvement of women in technology

Zuwaira: It is said that “what a man can do, a woman can do better”.

AboCoders has enhanced my opinion on the involvement of women in technology because women have important roles.  Development of any form needs a woman to succeed. Women just as men have potentials to contribute meaningfully to the development of any nation for example, a woman can design an application just as about any man.  A woman’s voice, smile, appearance and beauty can be used in technology advertisement to draw in the attention of other women to be inspired to join the technology sector.

Question 3: Give us a professional instance during your training that remains a landmark in your career profession

Zuwaira: The Open house and the Bolts and Popcorn events that are organized every Friday and second Fridays of every month will always be an impact to me because I got to learn something new from our guests and they keep inspiring us to go into technology because my ambition which is news casting has a lot to with technology.

Question 4: Outline your take on the future of women technology In Africa

Zuwaira: First, women will be needed in technology in future because they are natural solution providers, immediately they see a problem, they study it and provide solution to it.

Secondly, anything that involves a male will usually require a partner hence men in technology needs their female counterparts as partners. As men are needed in technology so are women needed too.

Also, Affirmative action leaving one third of all positions open for women will enable women reach a reasonable space in technology in the future.

Finally, including women in technology is neither the nice thing nor the right thing to do, it is the ONLY thing to do.


Miss.Africa Voices is a regular online journal that presents women in tech experiences, opinions and observations. These stories come from DotConnectAfrica Group Internship Alumni and other Women who are leading the tech-preneurship fronts in their own ecosystems. The Miss.Africa Voices also serves to encourage more girls & women to get involved in STEM careers through our Miss.Africa Digital Program.

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