SHEHU Maryam Age 21

Question 1- Give a general experience with Miss Africa sponsored AboCoders training and how your digital skills were enhanced

Maryam: AboCoders training has enhanced my digital skills in so many ways such as the ability to operate the computer system, browse the web, typing skills, Microsoft suite products and database management.

Question 2- How did the Miss Africa sponsored AboCoders training enhance your perceptions of the involvement of women in technology  

Maryam: AboCoders training that was sponsored by Miss.Africaopened my eyes to the great possibilities that women can do in technology. Now I believe women can be empowered through the application of several computers skills.

Question 3: Give us a professional instance during your training that remains a landmark in your career profession

Maryam: An instance that remains a landmark for me was one of our events called bolts and popcorn where a guest speaker, Miss Miriam  from the WAAW Foundation, spoke about how to build solar panels, small generators and fans.

Question 4: Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa

Maryam: Technology is a key aspect of education that is very crucial to every individual. I hope that in the future, our own generation, more women will be enlightened, well skilled and professionals in technology.


Miss.Africa Voices is a regular online journal that presents women in tech experiences, opinions and observations. These stories come from DotConnectAfrica Internship Alumni and other Women who are leading the tech-preneurship fronts in their own ecosystems. The Miss.Africa Voices also serves to encourage more girls & women to get involved in STEM careers through our Miss.Africa Digital Program.


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