Ms. Mary Baah-Boateng a recent graduate at the Kumasi Hive Miss.Africa Digital sponsored training speaks to us about her experience learning how to do coding and programming

Give a general experience with Miss.Africa Digital sponsored, Kumasi Hive training & how your digital skills were enhanced. What was most challenging?

The training program was very beginner friendly and detailed enough as a good footing for anyone hoping to be a professional web-developer. I started the training not having any prior knowledge in programming or anything programming related. This training has however made me come to  love programming and everything programming related. We were trained in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript on React. JavaScript gave me quite a headache but the training in all was very enlightening and helpful.

How did the training enhance your perceptions of the involvement of Women in Technology?

I have always been for the idea that women should be involved in generally sectors considered not fit or too challenging for women especially in these parts of the world. And this training cemented my belief, seeing how ladies beautifully and intelligently picked what was taught us in the training to code wonderful websites with great ideas to help solve everyday problems.

Do you see opportunities for your future from the training?

YES! I intend to continue learning and practicing till I become pro and make something great with this training. And especially, something that would improve facility management.

Give us a professional instance during the training that remains a landmark in your career profession.

I personally do not remember any such moment but I know that this training in itself has given me a skill for life. It is a strong step into exploring and loving technology.

Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa?

With the initiative of Miss.Africa Digital, I see a future of women in technology being as common as men in technology in Africa. Such that, there would be a very close gap between men and women in technology.

Miss.Africa Digital Voices is a regular online journal that presents women in tech experiences, opinions and observations. These stories come from DotConnectAfrica Internship Alumni and other Women who are leading the tech-preneurship fronts in their own ecosystems. The Miss.Africa Voices also serves to encourage more girls & women to get involved in STEM careers through our Miss.Africa Digital Program.