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Every year the ICT Girls Day reminds us that empowering women and girls and achieving gender equality is crucial to creating inclusive, open and prosperous societies. Hence, ICT is a tool through which gender equity and women’s empowerment can be advanced, and is essential to the creation of societies in which both women and men can substantively contribute and participate.

This day is not only crucial but also a time to take stock of the progress that we have made towards fostering a dynamic technology powered future through encouraging women and girls to pursue a vision in ICT careers, but also fosters more dynamic, diverse and inspiring experiences that bring different perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions. Therefore, the importance of bridging the digital divide through ICT cannot be overemphasized.

“Today, it is much easier than yesterday to get involved, you just take the mantle and run with it,…There is vast opportunity out there and waiting for your involvement. From securing employment to being a pioneer in the next new thing…”

Sophia Bekele, Keynote ITU Girls in ICT Day, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Read full speech here

At Miss.Africa, an Initiative of DCA Academy, we are thrilled by the number of applicants who each year send their expression of interest towards our annual Seed Fund that is currently in Its third year. Last year, three applicants from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Zambia were direct beneficiaries of this program. Through these start-ups many girls have been trained and acquired skills in programming, app development and entrepreneurship. This year we expect to announce the winners in the coming week.

The 2018 Theme for DCA Trust is #PowerYourInnovation and through our programs, we continually strive to empower and increase the practical skills to more women and girls to build their business and innovative ideas. Our program continues to grow and we are inspired by the recognition that we have received such as the recent nomination as a finalist in the ITU-UN Women Equals in Tech awards.

Miss.Africa joins the ITU in Celebration of the Girls in ICT Day 2018 and wishes all girls and women success in their endeavors especially in tech world.

On behalf of Miss.Africa, I wish you a happy Girls in ICT Day.
Sophia Bekele
Founder, Miss.Africa

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