MUHAMMED Jamila 14 years

Question 1- Give a general experience with Miss.Africa sponsored AboCoders training and how your digital skills were enhanced

Jamila: I have learnt a lot at AboCoders training and my tech skills have been developed. I can now easily code develop programs that I couldn’t before.  I had never operated a computer prior to the training. AboCoders gave me the opportunity to come close and appreciate the application of computers in solving the daily life’s problems.

Question 2- How did the Miss.Africa sponsored AboCoders training enhance your perceptions of the involvement of women in technology

Jamila:  I had never seen any woman operate a computer. So the perception I had  was that technology was not a woman’s field. However, after my experience with AboCoders, I have learnt that women also engage in use of computer and technology and this is a very good thing.

Question 3: Give us a professional instance during your training that remains a landmark in your career profession

Jamila: Miss Bukola really motivates me. A major landmark was a day she put me through when I was having difficulty with my coding and this makes me want to be like her and be able to learn and teach others.

Question 4: Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa

Jamila: I think the future of women in technology in Africa is filled with possibilities. As they can use computers both in their homes and also their offices.

Miss.Africa Voices is a regular online journal that presents women in tech experiences, opinions and observations. These stories come from DotConnectAfrica Group Internship Alumni and other Women who are leading the tech-preneurship fronts in their own ecosystems. The Miss.Africa Voices also serves to encourage more girls & women to get involved in STEM careers through our Miss.Africa Digital Program.

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