Ms. Mandy Tessy Shilwatso a recent beneficiary at the Eco-Sol Miss.Africa Digital sponsored training speaks to us about her experience learning about computing

During the training I was able to clearly define what a computer is, I learnt about its different parts for example the CPU, the monitor etc, and also how to assemble the parts of a CPU. We were also taught how to use a computer, the good use and also the bad use of the same. It was emphasized that we try and stick to the good use.

The training helped me to believe that even women can be involved in technology matters and that it is not only a male domain as has been the perception. Many people always think that things that have to do with technology are difficult and only men can do them. However I got to understand that this is a wrong perception and women can be very much involved in the same.

Because I have learnt about computers and my attitude and perceptions about technology especially use of computer has changed, I can pursue my training in the field of computers and be a professional like the trainers and help other women. In future I can also work on opening my own website for financial and educational purposes so as to help other people for example my group created a website on how to bake a cake.

The facilitators took us through a number of things that made me realize that they were very professional. First I was impressed when they were able to access other people’s phones so easily. Secondly they took us through the process of creating our own websites and also they knew how to disassemble and reassemble the CPU. They were very knowledgeable. They were also very confident in what they were teaching. All this showed a high level of professionalism.

With such trainings the confidence and capacity of women is enhanced and so many women can now take up the challenge to get involved in technology.

With limited resources in a continent like Africa most women might not get the chance to learn about computers. But with this training they are given the opportunity and so they can do more about computers in future. I come from Kenya and all my school life 5 or more years I never got a chance learn anything about computers but now with this opportunity I can do a lot with regards to computers and therefore as a young woman I can get involved in technology.


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