Ms. Asantewaah Sarpong a recent graduate at the Kumasi Hive Miss.Africa Digital sponsored training speaks to us about  her experience learning  how to do graphic design

Give a general experience with Miss.Africa Digital sponsored, Kumasi Hive training & how your digital skills were enhanced. What was most challenging?

The training was innovative and open to creative minds. It served as a platform for me personally to grow and get more involved in the world of technology by tapping into my imagination and passion

Miss.Africa Digital sponsored training was innovative, open to creative minds by tapping into my imagination and passion

How did the training enhance your perceptions of the involvement of Women in Technology?

It made me realize that little by little the globe is achieving it’s goal to close the gender gap especially considering the few women in Tech industries.

Do you see opportunities for your future from the training?

I do want to learn more in grow in the field of Graphic Design but it’s not my primary career path. But I do believe that if I keep practicing and spending more time working on projects, it will help open doors for greater opportunities.

Give us a professional instance during the training that remains a landmark in your career profession.

There was a session where all trainees were asked to brainstorm on how to go about thinking of a brand for a company. At that moment, we had no boundaries in what to consider and that short time taught me how to think outside the box and not putting restrictions in how creative one can be. This is a great soft skills for my future career profession in being creative in how i think

Outline your take on the future of women technology in Africa?

Looking at the path we are choosing and from the great options offered to females like the boot camp on different tech fields from Kumasi and other organizations, I trust that roughly 5 to 10 year to come there would be a significant increase in the number of women in Tech in Africa or even the world.


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