Miss.Africa Voices spoke to Adam Bushiratu about her experience during the Miss.Africa Digital sponsored training at Kumasi Hive;

What is your general experience with Miss,Africa Digital sponsored, Graphic design training basing on women in Kumasi in Kumasi Hive & how your digital skills were enhanced.

I am a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Even though my course of study in school, we were not told to learn graphic design but basic knowledge in Microsoft Office were needed in order to be able to do your project work in final year. However, it was a personal initiative I decided to partake due to the current unemployment rate in our country. It was not easy though since it was my first time learning something like graphic design and also mixing with other students who are experts in I.T and at a point, I wanted to back off but the passion that led me do apply encourage me to continue and here I am, we made it and became 1st Runner up during the finals.

My training, which went on for almost a month and half, enabled me to realize that I had the ability providing I make a passion.

How the Miss.Africa sponsored Graphic design ladies training enhanced my perceptions of the involvement of women in Technology.

Learning how to become a graphic designer has to be a passion and ever since I was introduced to it, I wanted to do more especially the last moment. One actually feels good when doing something then it runs. There is also frustrations and time consuming. And it was at that time I had to do a lot of downloads which would serve as guide before attending my next class. The key things are time sacrificing and the passion of what you’re doing.

Being in a class of 60 girls at the beginning, I learnt a lot. Girls do have the potential to do what they set their mind on. We all came up with great projects and we all did our best especially the winner.

Future opportunities from the training and professional instance during the training that remains a landmark in my career profession.

We designed a book based on science called ‘Kids world’ of which we emerged as 1st runner up position and was awarded with an amount of Ghs 1,500.

We are entitled to develop some projects beneficial to the society and which the money will be used to carter for. The training helped me during my final year time and I still see it future opportunities when I start my entrepreneurship session.

Outline of my take on the future of women technology in Africa/Globally? And a message to other girls who would want to venture into ICT Careers.

My message to girls out there is kindly don’t bend to threats. Even though I used to have misconception about graphic design being hard but getting involved felt different. I think when you have such a mindset, and then you will not be able to do the simplest things.

Personally, I rejected my I.T admission to Winneba because I thought it was difficult but later regretted refusing it. Remember that saying that ‘nothing good comes easy’ and that not everything faced can be changed but nothing can be changed till its faced, we all have to face our fears in order to achieve what we want to.

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