Once again the holiday season is here and it is my favorite time of the year where I like to pull my head together and make time for reflection in the year that just concluded.

Therefore, I am very happy to send to you this year’s Seasons Greetings on behalf of myself and DCA, in between my Island-hopping journeys in Africa.

I gave my year-end contributions to DCA, while sojourning on the beautiful island of Mauritius. The weather was warm with infrequent showers, which is enchanting.

I also got to visit our offices in Port Louis for few hours, and had a warm reception by all staff and caught up with year-end activities. Prior to that, I had also traveled to yet another beautiful island of Seychelles, which has the same weather, as I found myself indulging in my well deserved vacation, away from the cold weather of the global North, and appreciating the quiet times alone from all the frenzy and the wired world. Our mental health and well being needs this, does it not?

2018 has been a very challenging year for me personally, particularly in the beginning of the year where for nearly four months, I had to focus on my Mother’s sudden health issues she faced and getting medical care in the US. I felt very proud to have battled that successfully. In resuming my work thereafter, I found myself flying around the world not only for my usual advocacy work on digital empowerment, Africa, Women and Youth, but also attend to the legal challenge my organization DCA is facing in the Courts in California, over the .Africa domain name.

Here at DCA, we are truly grateful to you for journeying with us. While the year 2018 flew by, you are one of our most highly valued supporters and followers and it has been a sincere pleasure being with you this year.

This year my global work commitments opportune me to speak to attendants in various high-level fora and share my thoughts. I spoke on the importance of building digital competencies to benefit from existing and emerging technologies, continue to embrace technology as a empowering tool and its disruption to existing business models as positive change to problem solving processes. I spoke on the benefits and risks of these emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, big data, drones and micro-satellites.

In these platforms, I advocated the need for creating a bigger space for women led tech initiatives and youth empowerment. I also urged the importance of focusing on Africa as a great partner in development. My efforts paid off here where I witnessed a greater advance made between Europe and Africa at the EuroAfrican Forum held in Portugal, and the pertinent discussions including coalition for change and time for trust with Africa. Here, I emphasized that the world needs to find the right balance between profit and social impact” Watch Video on DotAfrica.TV

As we close this year 2018, we can only marvel at the journey that we have come over the growth, success and recognition, especially on what has become our signature project of 2018 Miss.Africa Digital program, which continues to pioneer and promote the development of the digital skills in Africa with focus on women and youth.

Below are few key updates from DCA that we would like to share with you.

Gender Focused Program

The world and indeed Africa continues to embrace women-led initiatives, be it in the government, business or programs. In the last quarter of this year, we witnessed several African nations changing its leadership by appointing half of its cabinets’ being women. Ethiopia also witnessed its first Woman president. This is a testimony for progress for women in Africa, congratulations to all.

DCA also, as a reputed pioneer of such a program, was recognized for our effort and unique work by the United Nations Equals in Tech Annual Awards program run by ITU and UN women. Moreover, recently a Switzerland based AfricaLink, which annually recognizes and awards Africa based initiatives, gave the 2018 Champion of Development Solidarity Award to our CEO for her pioneering efforts and accomplishments on the Miss.Africa Seed Funding.

Click below video to watch the Miss.Africa Winners on DotAfrica.TV

Through our gender focused program, we are excited and focused on expanding local ICT Skills training opportunities. Additionally, the Miss.Africa, through its Pan-African seed fund continues to support women and girls in STEM under the DCA Digital Academy. This year thee (3) more country initiatives joined our ever increasing innovation statistic in Africa. They are Kumasi Hive from Ghana; CRNS- Tunisia and Eco-Sol Consulting (Full STEM Ahead!) of Seychelles. Through this funding program, we can harness the impact and scalability of their local initiatives to solve the local technological needs. 

The .Africa Journey

The .Africa journey is long a hard fought, yet DCA and its supporters have not given up. We had expected a jury trial back in August 2018, as reported by an Industry Newspaper,The Register, titled Dot-Africa saga going to jury trial… It was an unfortunate hiccup soon after when the California Judge announced his unexpected retirement and called a mistrial on the matter. The case is now expected to be heard in 2019, and we shall keep you updated on the progress

I will be spending my Christmas holidays and the New Year exploring the beautiful South Coast of Kenya and its famous Diani Beach, therefore if your find yourself in the area, please give me a holler to have a drink or lunch and sound off the next tech disruption or simply creating the things you wish existed.

On behalf of DCA Group and myself, here’s to an end year with joy and blessings.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Blessed Holiday Season.

See you all in 2019!

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