Can you believe it’s been 5 years of Miss.Africa Digital Seed Funding?

We hope our message below finds you well and healthy!It’s unbelievable, it is 5 years since we launched the Miss.Africa Digital Seed Funding Award program. Time really flies by when good things happen. Anniversaries are indeed a time to celebrate, to look back at where we come from, and also to reflect on how we’ve changed.

Today also happens to be the International Girls in ICT Day. Our theme for 2020 is “The Year Of Women of Color” and in congruence with the ITU Girls day theme, expand horizons, change attitudes, we would like to use this day to recognize the power of innovation and development that resides in appreciating and recognizing women and girls in Africa and beyond, who are working their best to achieve goals using tech.

The Miss.Africa Digital program invites you to celebrate with us five (5) amazing years of progress and growth. By 2019, three (3) more country initiatives joined our ever-increasing seed-fund award winner statistic in Africa to make a total of twelve (12).

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, our efforts of organizing a face2face celebration was thwarted, thus we have organized our Miss.Africa Digital community of girls and women virtually and on behalf of this celebration.

What is on today’s activity menu?

At Miss.Africa Digital, We have a full day of amazing fun virtual activities. We will hear from our past winners and ambassadors who all have different messages on the internet of things and development, especially in this time of this pandemic that has taken all of us virtual.

This is a day to celebrate and inspire the girls and women around you to up their game and keep running the world.

Launch of the Miss.Africa Digital Community Portal

Today, we are also launching the Miss.Africa Digital Community portal dedicated to providing an exclusive space for dialogue, resources and idea-sharing with your peers around the issues you face. Together with DCA editors, who will share thought-starters and ask your insight around those issues most pressing for the larger community you represent.

Next 5 year Challenge!

Our next 5 years looks very busy and fun, we have many amazing activities, collaborations, more grants and funding for programs in Africa. We aim to reach more countries and empower more and more girls and women.

Our next challenge #10,000 women in tech from Miss.Africa Digital would start by you signing up for more details on our Miss.Africa Digital Community portal above and see how much fun it is to participate and grow your own communities and by being in touch.

Messages from our Winners on this special 5th Year Anniversary of Miss.Africa Digital Seed-Fund

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